Marketing Workshop

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Where does our creative inspiration come from?

Great ideas can spring from almost any place, but they need to have strategic purpose to be meaningful. Our dedicated Business Development team, built on the premise that full integration in marketing is most effective, utilizes a practice called marketing workshop to develop creative solutions that deliver ROI.

How do marketing workshops work?

In a marketing workshop we ask a series of questions focused on the following areas of clients' businesses:

  • Overall Business Overview
  • Area of product/service focus
  • Competition
  • Target Consumer
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Past Media Mix

Once we clearly understand what needs to be accomplished, we brainstorm to generate integrated marketing concepts like those seen on this website, and then demonstrate how they will help achieve clients' objectives.

What clients are saying:

"Having worked as a recruiter, regional manager, and at Headquarters for the Air Force; I can tell you your team was on top of the game! Your questions were insightful and each of you was able to synthesize what was discussed. It was also a confirmation that many of the thoughts we had already considered, were also reasonable and prudent based on outside professional opinions. Since my arrival I have been working to build an idea of "Continuing the Legacy." I really feel you were spot on with regards to bridging the gap between the donors and new students and on our way home we all agreed this was important. Your professionalism coupled with your ability to appreciate humor made the time go quickly. Please give kudos to your team"

John Mayner, Director of Admissions, Multnomah University

"Thank you for having us out. It was great to see all of the ideas and support coming from everyone in the room. It was time very well spent."

Aaron Asumus, Executive Director, CAT Adoption Team

"I have to say I am really impressed that you and your team did this for us. It is unprecedented and I really enjoyed the meeting. The brainstorming session really demonstrated to true spirit of partnership and we truly appreciate everyone's time and good ideas to help us with our business. You should be very proud of your team and of this initiative. Thank you Jack, Erin and the Entercom team!"

Lars Lofas,VP Marketing, Comcast

"I have to admit, I thought I would be ambushed with Entercom wanting money and spending my budget. I was more than pleased with all the help and communication."

Melissa Freeman, General Manager, Jantzen Beach SuperCenter

"I haven't experienced this level of professional marketing creativity, planning, and strategy since leaving the book publishing business. Entercom was a breath of fresh air as you first asked questions from many different perspectives, listened to our response, and then created a synergized strategy tailored to meet Gresham Toyota's objectives. You guys have also been excellent in communication and follow-up as we navigated and adapted to the current market conditions."

Doug Gabbert, GSM, Gresham Toyota